Tuesday, 3 August 2010

I've got a red one!

Tomato that is. The reason that this deserves it's own special post?
Last year I got not one. The dreaded blight swept through whilst they were all still green.
I watched Alys Fowler's programme and she said that this year she wasn't even going to try, and I felt the same, but then...
Isn't gardening always like that? A series of disappointments and small victories.
Today was a victory.  I hope Alys changed her mind too.


  1. It's the disappointments that make the victories all the better though isn't it?

  2. hoorah! I hope it tastes of victory and there are more to come x

  3. Great news, my outdoor toms are blight free too, the first two years was green tomato chutney. We still have 2008 vintage in the store cupboard, haven't started on 2009 yet! Hopefully not this year, all lovely ripe red ones to eat fresh.

  4. Congratulations! I've got three tomatoes turning red at the moment with lots of green ones not too far behind...

  5. I still don't have any red ones.....my mum's have just started to turn though so surely it can't be long!!