Thursday 29 July 2010

The birds and the bees

My 4yo is a child of the soil.

One bedtime last week we were answering the age old question of "Where do babies come from?".
I told him that Daddies plant seeds inside Mummies and a baby grows.  He thought for a bit - "is it a carrot seed?" he asked. "No", I said "because that would grow a carrot". "Oh yes! I must be a baby seed". "Yes" I said. "That's good" he said - "because you can't grow carrots..."

(We then got onto the mechanics. After flatly dismissing the anatomical explaination of the "special cuddle" that Daddies give to Mummies he seems to have decided that Daddy keeps a magic wand in his trousers that he waved over Mummy. A trip to the magician will never seem the same again!)

On the gardening front after a week away in Brittany I am dusting off my courgette recipies.

Sunday 11 July 2010

Sunday lunch

I am quite pleased with myself this afternoon, not only did I cook a delicious Sunday lunch but most of it was home grown.

We had:

potatoes - look YS is so talented he grew them himself. Maybe now he will believe me when I tell him he will grow potatoes behind his ears if he doesen't wash...
Delicious roast lamb, home grown french beans (two sorts), homegrown broad beans, carrots (we'll gloss over those shall we?), homegrown roasted garlic - yummy!
 While we are on the subject of garlic mine seems to be growing bulbs half way up the stem - is this normal? never seen this before...

For pudding we had berries picked by OS

didn't he do well?

So I have a new camera and my gardening mojo is back thanks for all the support.
Lessons I have learnt.
  1. Do not leave 7YO in charge of camera
  2. Do not post on blog after drinking the red grape.
Have a good weekend!