Monday 28 June 2010

Reaping what I've sowed (or not)

I've had a bit of a rubbish year at the plot this year for several reasons, but mostly due to lack of effort - particularly effort at the right time.
Tonight I nipped to the plot to do a bit of watering the first for over a week to find the peas and broad beans cropping like mad but beginning to go over - water last week might well have helped. The radishes are small and firey again water is possibly a factor.The strawberries were also going great guns in amongst the weeds and there looks like a bumper crop of raspberries on the horizon (probably just in time for my hols).

But I feel a bit despondant, some of the beans have gone crispy - still in pots waiting for more canes to be brought up from the village, nowhere to plant the brussel sprouts out yet  and they are more than ready, and oh the weeds.
To top it all it seems I (well probably OS) have lost my camera which makes me less likely to update the blog, so less likely to get to the plot to have something to write about so more neglect and - you see where this is leading?
So I am resolved to pull myself together and get up there and pick the strawberies and weed again tommorrow. I will replace the camera and get my gardening mojo back.
Meanwhile OS has just been sick in the wash hand basin - events are beginning to conspire again...

Sunday 20 June 2010

Gardeners World (not weeding)

I gave the weeding a break this afternoon to visit Gardeners World Live at the NEC in Birmingham after winning a pair of tickets from Deb on Carrots and Kids thanks Deb! I took the family along too.

We had a pretty good time

Celebrity spotting ...
Tony who? Joe who? Said OH

We found a few veggi gardens (I bribed the boys with the promise of an ice cream for this photo)

Ice creams and the cactus and suculent stand - what more could a girl want?
Not to have her photo taken unexpectedly it seems...

So what did we think?

Well we didn't stay that long - just over 2 hours was enough for the boys so I guess we barely scratched the surface but all in all it was a sucess.  The food was horrendously pricey but as the Good Food Show was next door it seemed rude not to try a few samples. There were some very silly things to buy, I failed miserably - I only managed to buy one £1 packet of seed. But there were some lovely moments (why did that man have a red and white sheep slung over his shoulders?) and a nice atmosphere to the whole place. The ask the expert bit was very middle England and easy to mock but what's not to like about people being passionate about their sweetcorn? So all in all a good afternoon out, I probably wouldn't have been as happy if I'd driven further or I'd paid £21 per ticket and next time, I'm sorry boys, I'd leave you at home.

This evening we got back to the lottie and I pulled weeds with new vigor.  I'm so close to finishing 2009 winter digging - maybe by the end of the week.

Sunday 6 June 2010

Can't blog

Can't blog - weeding!