Monday, 28 June 2010

Reaping what I've sowed (or not)

I've had a bit of a rubbish year at the plot this year for several reasons, but mostly due to lack of effort - particularly effort at the right time.
Tonight I nipped to the plot to do a bit of watering the first for over a week to find the peas and broad beans cropping like mad but beginning to go over - water last week might well have helped. The radishes are small and firey again water is possibly a factor.The strawberries were also going great guns in amongst the weeds and there looks like a bumper crop of raspberries on the horizon (probably just in time for my hols).

But I feel a bit despondant, some of the beans have gone crispy - still in pots waiting for more canes to be brought up from the village, nowhere to plant the brussel sprouts out yet  and they are more than ready, and oh the weeds.
To top it all it seems I (well probably OS) have lost my camera which makes me less likely to update the blog, so less likely to get to the plot to have something to write about so more neglect and - you see where this is leading?
So I am resolved to pull myself together and get up there and pick the strawberies and weed again tommorrow. I will replace the camera and get my gardening mojo back.
Meanwhile OS has just been sick in the wash hand basin - events are beginning to conspire again...


  1. Oh lordy bless us all. You are having a terribly unfair time, at least at in my current hayfever incapacitied state, Andrew is working super hard on the lotties. Get a new camera right now - go on Amazon and have one bought within the day or I'll have to come slap you with a wet lettuce leaf! Don't think I won't. I love your blog and you have to keep it going, so there. Hugs xxxx

  2. Don't worry too much about has been a funny year for everyone...oi have salad and raddishes that went to seed without even doing anything and I have to hones;lt say i haven't looked closely enough at my peas to see if they are podding....maybe I should check tomorrow!!

    It will come back to you and you will get done what you get done.

    I also have calbrese dying to be put in, (or maybe just dying) and yet no land worked to put it in just yet!!

  3. It was a bit downbeat wasn't it? Thanks ladies for those cheery words - and I've been to look at new cameras today so normal service will be resumed soon!

  4. We allhave these dips with growing. You'll get there, sometimes its okay to take time out.

  5. Hope you've managed to get a great new camera and keep going the plot will reward your efforts when you least expect it and need it most.