Tuesday 26 July 2011

Pooh! Is that you?

We made some stink food.
You know the stuff - stinging nettles ferment in water for weeks, small boys pee in it when they are caught short at the allotment, the odd beetle and raspberry drop in it on passing and it really stinks?
We use it to feed the pumpkin growing in the compost heap.
Tonight I spilt it down my leg. I smell. I smell bad. I have bathed. I have rubbed in body cream. I have showered and soaped and still I smell. OH will be home later - hopefully his cold will not have improved...
YS's current favourite book seemed appropriate.

Friday 15 July 2011

techno torment

Haven't been posting so much this year but am experiencing the usual gluts:

Raspberries - 24lb of jam and fresh ones given away to relatives and people in the village.

Broad beans - the children are rebelling - I am freezing bagfulls to surprise them with later - oh and there are another two rows not ready yet as I did successional sowing.

Lettuce - another crop to be distibuted widely.

Sweet peas - make good gifts for teachers and grandma/nanny/aunty

Courgettes - and this is just the first week of that bounty.

The techno torment? Well currently no camera and no internet connection. If I'd wanted a job in IT...