Saturday 27 December 2008

Plots afoot?

Went to the allotment today with OS. We are itching to get ready for the new season. It was soooo cold! OS complained his feet were frozen after half an hour, I really should have bought him some thermal socks for Christmas - not sure a 6 year old would have appreciated them though...


1.Dug a trench put ex wrapping paper in (mostly newspaper - we are nothing if not frugal!)

2. Added two buckets of kitchen waste, most of the liquid having tipped over the boot of my car during the journey, note to self; do not stack buckets in boot if corners are involved in journey.

3. Walked along trench to "firm"

4. Speculated that the police might visit us as it looked as though we had buried a body.

5. Speed planted 18 broad beans grown in pots at home.

6. Cloched said broad beans.

7. Hightailed home for hot chocolate and a biscuit as we had burnt off so many calories. OH and Mini were convinced we were bonkers.

I had plans to get the shallots in. I've missed the shortest day but not by much, but you know what they say about plans. Maybe tommorrow?

Now back to those seed catalogues.

The start of something

New Year - well nearly - new project. I enjoy reading various gardening blogs so I thought we could start our own. Hope you like it!