Tuesday 27 April 2010

Poor Sad Baldie

He started out like many others - full of hope
He grew and grew. The caterpillars liked him. We didn't like them. Together we fought them off.
We talked about netting him to stop the pigeons. It was just talk. He survived extreme cold and snow.
Old Baldies friends were uprooted and consigned to the compost heap. But in a neglected corner deep amongst the grass, (how did that get there?), sits Old Baldie and a few mates.

And now we've found him we're gonna eat him...

Saturday 17 April 2010

Apologies for the weather

Not now - obviously - it's gorgeous here, but this summer I fear will be a wet one. I have just bought a new hose. OH has been, I would say happlily but I would be lying, putting it together for me as like everything at the moment it was flat packed.
So whilst he got on with that, I planted out the sweet peas, a second wave of peas, some beetroot and a row of carrots. So you can expect much weeping wailing and gnashing of teeth in about a months time when the carrots haven't grown/ have carrot fly/ have been eaten by slugs/ have been dug up by a cat/ have been got by volcanic dust...
OH had triumphed over the hose and watered them for me. The boys sat in the car and played with a whoopie cushion. Philistines.

Sunday 11 April 2010

First signs of sping (1-10)

1.I heard the first ice cream van.
2.Oh and the blossom is out on the cherry tree.
3.Trousers dry on the washing line.
4.The eggs are getting bigger.
5. The lawn needs mowing.
6. There isn't much lawn left after over winter footballing.
7. Remembering to close the greenhouse when you have already got into bed.
8. All horizontal surfaces contain a seed tray.
9. The collection of toilet rolls is at an all time low.
10. Bare chests in the garden (not mine obviously).

Hope you had a good weekend. Back to work for me tommorow after a very enjoyable Easter break  At least I can get to the plot in the evening now though!

Tuesday 6 April 2010

A fruitful day

At last we got something done at the plot!
 We planted two gooseberry bushes that had been neglected all winter in two small pots - I've no idea how they survived but they have leaves so deserved a chance. Planted 5 Autumn Bliss raspberry canes. I love raspberries and I'm hoping these will fruit this year.
Planted the potatoes, Premier, International Kidney and Pink Fir Apple. We had two Int Kid left over so I will put those in the recently vacated dustbin at the bottom of the garden. The boys had had enough after that lot so carrots were postponed until next time (carrots are always my nemisis). Just as I popped the tools back into the shed I noticed there was a bit of rhubarb worth having. So we had 5 sticks for tea with "puffy pancakes". All in all a fruitful day. (For the pedants I know rhubarb is a vegetable - but that doesn't fit with the title...)

Saturday 3 April 2010

Sow sow

I feel so far behind this year so it was time to have a day of sowing seeds. I sowed brassicas (though why I bother...), more peas, various flowers for companion planting and cutting, lettuce, beetroot and more sweet peas as my overwintering ones look a bit weedy. Look at me being peat free!
The boys helped by racing around my ankles on a bike and a go cart - and yes I do have the bruises to show for it. I have put the seeds to bed in a mini plastic greenhouse to keep them a bit warmer and prevent the chickens having a nibble. Yes you Farah!

Thursday 1 April 2010

First Earlies

In my shockingly lax gardening style I haven't really thought about planting potatoes yet. Too cold (snow again this morning) but they are chitting well ...
Maybe in about a week or so the soil will have warmed up a bit and I might consider venturing up to the plot.

This morning YS pointed out quite how lax my gardening has become. "Mummy are you ever going to get the potatoes out of the tub at the bottom of the garden?" cue Mummy muttering "What are you talking about darling, what potatoes?". But lo!
Look what we found, not a mess of rotting potato flesh as anticipated, but a handy tractor load.
(YS loves his tractor).
Note to self - keep better records - if I can lose a tub of potatoes what other delights might be waiting for me? Tommorrow I will venture again to the bottom of the garden.