Thursday 1 April 2010

First Earlies

In my shockingly lax gardening style I haven't really thought about planting potatoes yet. Too cold (snow again this morning) but they are chitting well ...
Maybe in about a week or so the soil will have warmed up a bit and I might consider venturing up to the plot.

This morning YS pointed out quite how lax my gardening has become. "Mummy are you ever going to get the potatoes out of the tub at the bottom of the garden?" cue Mummy muttering "What are you talking about darling, what potatoes?". But lo!
Look what we found, not a mess of rotting potato flesh as anticipated, but a handy tractor load.
(YS loves his tractor).
Note to self - keep better records - if I can lose a tub of potatoes what other delights might be waiting for me? Tommorrow I will venture again to the bottom of the garden.


  1. Well that was a nice surprise for you, all you need to find is some greens and that's Easter dinner sorted. I think you may have to appoint YS as record keeper !!
    Have a lovely week-end x

  2. It's great to find a nice load of something delicious....I only ever seem to find rotting stuff that I forgot about...Guess I must be doing it all

  3. That's what I need, a son with a tractor. I might find some delights then too. I haven't got my potatoes planted yet either, though they look to be chitting well. Hope you have a good Easter.

  4. Thanks all.
    No other delights to report although I've found some good locations for our Easter egg hunt on Monday.
    Enjoy the holidays!

  5. Lax is the way forward! It's been unusually cold & wet this spring!