Saturday 17 April 2010

Apologies for the weather

Not now - obviously - it's gorgeous here, but this summer I fear will be a wet one. I have just bought a new hose. OH has been, I would say happlily but I would be lying, putting it together for me as like everything at the moment it was flat packed.
So whilst he got on with that, I planted out the sweet peas, a second wave of peas, some beetroot and a row of carrots. So you can expect much weeping wailing and gnashing of teeth in about a months time when the carrots haven't grown/ have carrot fly/ have been eaten by slugs/ have been dug up by a cat/ have been got by volcanic dust...
OH had triumphed over the hose and watered them for me. The boys sat in the car and played with a whoopie cushion. Philistines.


  1. if we get a wet summer I will come and find you!!!...On the up least with a wet summer I won't have to worry about how dry and baked the earth gets.....oh the dilemma!!!

  2. Why on earth would boys want to mess around with vegetables when there's fun to be had with a whoopie cushion?!

  3. I think that's an omen for a hosepipe ban this summer. We can dream.

  4. hope you're wrong, need some sun this year!