Sunday 11 April 2010

First signs of sping (1-10)

1.I heard the first ice cream van.
2.Oh and the blossom is out on the cherry tree.
3.Trousers dry on the washing line.
4.The eggs are getting bigger.
5. The lawn needs mowing.
6. There isn't much lawn left after over winter footballing.
7. Remembering to close the greenhouse when you have already got into bed.
8. All horizontal surfaces contain a seed tray.
9. The collection of toilet rolls is at an all time low.
10. Bare chests in the garden (not mine obviously).

Hope you had a good weekend. Back to work for me tommorow after a very enjoyable Easter break  At least I can get to the plot in the evening now though!


  1. This is a great list...I could add to it something along the lines of 'dead rabbit on the kitchen floor courtesy of the cat....eewwww

    oh...and washing piles decrease as the amount of layers worn thins!!

  2. It makes such a difference being able to get to the plot on an evening, I love being there at that time of day. The ice cream van is back here too, my daughter had her first of the year yesterday.

  3. that's one job I can't stand the weekly grind of mowing the lawn!

  4. The ice cream van round our way carries on throughout the winter. Kids are made of strong stuff in Norfolk!