Sunday 28 February 2010


Still haven't been to the lottie as this week's weather is torrential rain and after watching OS play football in it this morning I really can't face getting bone cold again. So we are at home plotting what we are going to plant this year. The window sills are already filling up and the lovely lady is getting a bit crowded. (I see the windows need washing and the fence repairing too...)
This weekend YS and I have been planting flowers. Marigolds, Dahlias and Lobelia as well as some herbs and sprouting mung beans. The peas and beans are ready to go under cloches, the sweet peas are ready for the cold frame the parsnips are chitting on paper towel and the potatoes are laid out in trays in the conservatory. There are definite signs of sping in the garden though.  Here's hoping that next week there will be more outdoor progress!

Saturday 20 February 2010

Winter's last blast (hopefully)

Well the snow is back in Leicestershire. We were sledging again yesterday so it looks like yet another weekend of inactivity at the plot.

All is not lost however, I sorted my seeds out, and to the comment you can never have too many seeds I have to say - I can!

Friday 12 February 2010

February fill dyke

We used to sing a hymn at school.

"Glad that I live am I,
That the sky is blue,
Glad for the country lanes
And the fall of dew,
After the sun the rain after the rain the sun,
This is the way of life 'till the work be done"

So I'm looking forward to the sun as it is pretty wet at the lottie. I've clocked up 3 visits since Christmas totalling about 4.5 hours. I consoled myself by buying some (more) seeds.

Leeks tommorrow I think.

Wednesday 3 February 2010

Ready, steady,sow!

I always get into trouble at this time of year as I'm desparate to get on with things (not sure why as the digging / clearing up / pruning has not been done yet) so YS and I dusted off the toilet rolls and planted peas and broad beans to try and get an early start after the over wintered ones didn't.

We get pleasure from small things in this house so when YS went to the toilet this morning he was very excited to find...
a pea!

So he had one, and that created another toilet roll and so the cycle continues...