Friday 30 October 2009

Happy Hallow'een

We carved these pumpkins, OS did the skull by himself, though we did use a transfer, I think it looks rather good. YS's is a spider, mainly done by me, which is less sucessful - there is a moral there somewhere!  So what has this to do with the allotment? Absolutely nothing, the squash we grew this year were too small for carving and tasted divine so I couldn't waste them. Something to aim for next year maybe - a squash of our own to carve?
Hope you have fun and are not bothered if you don't want to be. I know it isn't everyones cup of tea. The law as issued at OS's school is visit people you know, stay with an adult and only visit houses that have a pumpkin lit outside. We are going to a party with the boys cousin and have apple bobbing, sweets in flour and doughnuts on strings to look forward to. We have made witches fingers and spider cakes this evening,and have been practicing our party pieces in readiness. Even OH has promised to dress up...

Tuesday 27 October 2009

A Winter's Tale

The old boys up at the allotment usually know a thing or two. When they are not shaking their heads at my untidy plot and odd plants that I grow (flowers and "foreign muck"), they are usually happy to give advice, seeds and the odd cabbage.
I couldn't help but notice on Sunday afternoon that lots of their plots are now totally empty, dug over, manured or limed and looking expectant. Now I know the caterpillars did a lot of damage to the brassicas but even so, my plot still seems to be full of stuff to the extent that I haven't got room to plant out my garlic and have only managed to get three rows of onions in (see exciting picture above).
So am I behind or in front of the curve?
I'm hoping to be dug over by Jan uary/February but until then it just keeps growing.

Friday 23 October 2009

Autumn harvest

Went to the plot yesterday for the first time for a week or so (it's half term so we've been to the beach instead) and the parsnips are still going strong - who can believe that they started off on damp kitchen paper back in March and were lovingly nurtured in toilet rolls to produce these beauties! We also harvested a swede, a leek, some borlotti beans, some french beans, some little turnips and some kale. Soup anyone?

Wednesday 7 October 2009

Summer goodbye...

The last summer harvest from the allotment at the weekend. I've started to clear the summer things away tonight. So the beans are has-beens the courgettes and corn are composted and the parsnips are poised to come on stream.
The seasons are definitely on the turn.
We are planning a bonfire to toast marshmallows on, a manure digging session and some onion and garlic planting.  What a difference a week makes.