Friday 23 October 2009

Autumn harvest

Went to the plot yesterday for the first time for a week or so (it's half term so we've been to the beach instead) and the parsnips are still going strong - who can believe that they started off on damp kitchen paper back in March and were lovingly nurtured in toilet rolls to produce these beauties! We also harvested a swede, a leek, some borlotti beans, some french beans, some little turnips and some kale. Soup anyone?


  1. Wow ! lovely parsnips, i'm jealous as I dug one up yesterday and it was very small and a bit brownish, so into the compost it went. I have had a couple of big ones though. I started mine off by chitting like you, and then grew on and planted out, however they have been very forked and someone said it's because they were transplanted after growing on and that I should have got them in the ground as soon after chitting when they had a long enough little root/tail. What do you think ? I have to add that the person who told me this had just dug up perfect straight big ones.

    Yes please I'll come and have some soup.
    Have a great week-end :)

  2. fab harvest, enjoy that soup! We're eating lots of the same at the moment too - yummy xx

  3. Hi I think you have to plant them out fairly quickly before they are out the bottom of the tube but we don't seem to have had any problems with forking, instead some of them are so long it is difficult to extract them without breaking them - sorry that sounds like boasting...

  4. Your parsnips look great....did you germinate them out of soil ???

  5. Great parsnips. Mine look to be doing ok above ground, but you can never tell what's going on underneath until you dig them up, can you? It's great that you're getting so much from your allotment still.

  6. I'm rather proud of the parsnips - they tasted rather good too. Hurrah for Autumn.

    I chitted them on damp kitchen roll and grew them on in toilet rolls before planting them out.

    They are buried treasure as you say Jo you never know what's down there...