Wednesday 7 October 2009

Summer goodbye...

The last summer harvest from the allotment at the weekend. I've started to clear the summer things away tonight. So the beans are has-beens the courgettes and corn are composted and the parsnips are poised to come on stream.
The seasons are definitely on the turn.
We are planning a bonfire to toast marshmallows on, a manure digging session and some onion and garlic planting.  What a difference a week makes.


  1. Ahh those gorgeous boys, they look so sweet with the flowers and the harvest.

  2. sounds like the changing seasons bring in some fun though..the bonfire with marshmallows is a great idea!!

  3. You would never guess it was autumn from that photo, it looks like a gorgeous summer day. I like the idea of the bonfire and toasted marshmallows.