Tuesday 22 September 2009

I'd like to thank...

I've planned for this moment for some time - I'd like to thank my parents for teaching me, my family for allowing me the time, the cats for not digging in the seedbed...no maybe not.
I do have an Oscar speech planned, should the occasion ever arise, but not a blogspeech. I'm touched (some say very) to be given this award by Maureen at http://mylottieheaven.blogspot.com/ and glad that at least a few of you read the blog.

OK I've been tagged, so if you are still with me here are 10 facts,(though not necessarily about me),(or true).

1. Redheads are bad tempered. This is usually because they are continually asked if having red hair means you have a bad temper, and in the end they snap and say, "Yes it bally well does now buzz off!". Having red hair is special. I hated as a kid, except when old ladies admired it, but love it now, I think I've grown into it. Redheads also get sunburnt whilst weeding. Memo to self, do not weed in low rise trousers. If one needs to weed in low rise trousers apply suntan cream to parts not previously considered to be 'where the sun does shine'.

2. Wasp stings hurt. This was a recent discovery of mine. I do not intend rediscovering it any time soon.

3. My tomatoes got blight - again - this year. Not that I'm bitter or anything you understand. Please do not post any further tomato photos on your blogs.
I don't eat tomatoes. Well I don't eat them raw (or naked as OS calls them) but this year I was going to try...

4. My plot is one of the untidiest on the site. I regularly blame this on my helpers but my desk is the untidiest at work, and my house isn't very close to minimalist either. I have to face facts it just might be a creative mind at work.

5. My day job is a 'bean counter' just lately at the plot I've been counting beans, one of life's little ironies.

6. I am over committed. I am also 'over seeded'. I need to "just say no!" on many levels. A job, two businesses, a family, caring for an aged parent and 8 different varieties of bean - see, over committed.

7. My Dad taught me to garden and I didn't appreciate what a gift this was until I wasn't able to thank him for it. I'm trying to teach my kids now, and feel I know a bit more about my Dad too. It is a very cathartic thing.

8. Having an allotment has improved my cooking skills no end. However, disasters do still occur, salt instead of sugar in rhubarb, even though it is a vegetable, is a bit too savoury, don't do it! Similarly if your helper does accidentally tip some brown rice instead of oats into the crumble mix, can I recommend you sieve it out rather than take the "Oh s*d it!" route. Even if your friend is a dentist.

9. Are you still here? I don't sleep much. Apparently I am like Mrs Thatcher in this regard, but not in any other (I hope), although she possibly had someone to remove caterpillars from her brassicas? Or is it only Gordon who has had a vegetable garden at 10 Downing St. Maybe I should stand for PM.

10. When not gardening I like to read, but my reading group will not do a "Joy Larkcom" or the T&M seed catalogue as book of the month. We did do ' Lady Chatterley's Lover' which involved a bit of shrubbery, but no oriental vegetables.

and that's me in a nutshell.

I'd like to pass the award on to Drooling at http://www.thedroolingvegetable.co.uk/ and Carrie at http://growourown.blogspot.com/
Feel free to join in, or not, as you please (I will still read your blog!)
Appolgies for links - if anyone can tell me how to - I will


  1. I'm still laughing !! I knew you would have 10 great chuckles to share, well 9 really as No 7 made me feel sad as I know what you mean as my dad and I shared a love of gardening, and he would have been so delighted about my allotment. I often find fluffy pure white feathers around on my plot and I'm convinced they are from him, even though in reality I know that some poor bird has probably lost his feathers in a fight !! Thank you for your brilliant post.
    With reference to the links, you need to go onto the persons (who you want to link) blog right click on the http bar at the top and choose copy, (are you keeping up !) then when you put their name on your post highlight the name then go to the link button it's along where you choose the colour, size etc of the font on the post, and where it asks for the http right click and choose paste in the box. I hope this makes sense, just have a play around and see if it works for you.

  2. Thanks! One for tommorrow. I need to iron shirts...

  3. You passed the award on to me, I don't know what to say! Thank you xxx

  4. Congrats on your award. Your facts made me chuckle.

  5. love your facts...made me smile...reflect and look back all in one read...thanks you

  6. what exactly do I do, just write 10 things about me? and is the picture the award, do I copy and paste it? x

  7. Gosh, I'm very flattered! I don't think I've ever won an award before, thank you!

    (What do I do next?!?!?)