Wednesday 16 September 2009

Lost and found

Well with all the excitement of the wasps on Monday night it wasn't until I was driving to w*rk on Tuesday that I realised I had a few problems:
1. I was in pain and still swelling up. The sting on my arm made my arm go red from my arm pit to below my elbow and ached as though I had flu. The ones on my stomach were very painful and I was beginning to look pregnant. So after a brief "What the heck has happened to you?" type conversation I nipped to the chemist. Nine stings she thought and recommended the doc (but I ignored that).
2. I had lost the key to the allotment and the shed. OS is 'gate man' on the occasions when we take the car and had left them in the padlock, not an uncommon occurance, but I forgot to ask for them in the panic and there you go - lost.
3. This loss of key seemed to momentarily tip me over the edge and there was I weeping at the thought of not being able to get to the allotment or my lovely tools.
OH checked the padlock after a frantic phone call. No - lost.
This morning I had a new perspective on things and stuck a sticky label with my phone number on the gate post to the lottie track and this morning whilst I was at w*rk OH rang and said he'd just been and collected them and had a cup of tea with a gentleman in the village.

Faith in human nature restored and antihistermines working, the world is a lovely place again.

Now I just have to take the bag of shredded paper to the allotment, I wonder if the wasps are gone...


  1. so what happened with your stings??? have they gone down and are you feeling better????

  2. A lot better today thanks - just a bit wary of more wasps for the next few days. They have gone down almost completely - back to normal tommorrow I hope.

    Thanks !

  3. Hi there, I have left an award for you on my blog, I hope you will take part. I always find your posts amusing, so I'm sure 10 things about you will be interesting. If you click on the award and choose save, save to a file on your p.c then you can upload to your post.


  4. Oh lordy, what a time of it! I'm glad you're getting back to normal, dam wasps. That must have been so painful, I have only had 1 sting at a time and it wasn't pleasant but 9!!!!
    Oh congrats on an award too, as I see above. x

  5. Nine stings. That must have been so painful. Glad you got your key back. Just make sure that the wasps are gone before you venture back down.