Monday 7 September 2009

I'm jammin'

"Let's go to the park" I said
"It's bedtime" said OS and then realising his mistake "yeh! I'll get my trainers"
"Which park?" said YS
"The one with the blackberries of course!" I said.
Groans all round.
"You are such a pikey!" says OH (supportively)
"O contraire" says I "'tis all the rage these days to gather food from the wild and grow one's own"
"Never thought of you as a trendsetter" he replied.

Half an hour later and I was on the way home to bath and bed the boys and knock off a swift five pots of blackberry jam (seedless - does that mean it's jelly?)



  1. You got a good haul there. I think a jelly is when you discard the fruit and use the juices.

  2. I've been out gathering elder berries from the city streets!(only picking from quiet roads though to avoid exhaust pollution). Once you start looking they're everywhere - small areas of waste ground, or alongside verges, self sown in amenity planting areas and so on. Am going to make elder berry syrup (which you can use like a cordial or in a hot toddy etc). It's basically the berries, water and sugar. Very tasty (I made some last year) and apparently high in vitamin C -

  3. it's jelly if you drain out all the pulp and seeds...otherwise it's seedless do you take out just the seeds????

  4. Jelly it is. Just take out the seeds? Easy, the pulp got squidged through the sieve then I got the chickens to help clear up...

  5. Ooooh thats sounds good, I have never made jam with blackberries before, I think I will have a go, maybe put some apples with it. You trendsetter you !!! ha ha