Monday, 14 September 2009


Went to the plot tonight and not there very often neighbour turned up too, which was nice. We chatted as we got on with stuff.
I was de-caterpillaring my brassicas and chatting to her when all of a sudden I heard a squeak, turned round and there she was topless and running round her plot flapping her jumper. I didn't like to comment but YS asked what was wrong. Wasps, was what was wrong, she had disturbed a nest and before we managed to tidy up and make a hasty exit I had been stung four, count them, four times.
Happily the boys didn't get stung as I put them over the fence to go the long way round. Neighbour has promised to go to the plot tommorrow and see what could be done. Paraffin and matches were mentioned but I'm keeping out of it.
I'm off to look at my arm, leg and stomach and get some sympathy from the OH.

Oh yes, neighbour was stung once, the wasp was up her jumper.


  1. I don't mean to laugh ! but really the scene sounds hillarious. It's 'The way you tell em'

  2. Ouch! I really don't like wasps, I'm always wary of them. Is the nest on your neighbours plot then?

  3. well it seems you got the worst end of the deal...wasps are nasty and need dealing with have my sympathy!!!!