Wednesday 3 February 2010

Ready, steady,sow!

I always get into trouble at this time of year as I'm desparate to get on with things (not sure why as the digging / clearing up / pruning has not been done yet) so YS and I dusted off the toilet rolls and planted peas and broad beans to try and get an early start after the over wintered ones didn't.

We get pleasure from small things in this house so when YS went to the toilet this morning he was very excited to find...
a pea!

So he had one, and that created another toilet roll and so the cycle continues...


  1. oh the pea pun!! Isn't it a little early to plant them yet??? Still a bit of a novice at the whole planting thing and just kind of going with the flow!!

  2. Hahahaha Love it. Need to get sowing myself though I think our broad beans did overwinter but I haven't been to the plots myself for a few weeks ~ blush

  3. I haven't started anything off yet. The toilet roll tubes are at the ready though so it won't be long now.

  4. Yes but I am an impatient girl.
    And they are the remainder of my overwintering seed saved for such an eventuality.
    And what's the worst that can happen?
    And I like sowing seed.
    And I'm trying to convince myself...