Tuesday 27 April 2010

Poor Sad Baldie

He started out like many others - full of hope
He grew and grew. The caterpillars liked him. We didn't like them. Together we fought them off.
We talked about netting him to stop the pigeons. It was just talk. He survived extreme cold and snow.
Old Baldies friends were uprooted and consigned to the compost heap. But in a neglected corner deep amongst the grass, (how did that get there?), sits Old Baldie and a few mates.

And now we've found him we're gonna eat him...


  1. well I'm glad he found a little corner to be strong in so that you could enjoy some PSB!!!!

  2. poor thing, amazing though all that abuse and still the will to flower.

  3. I think there's a moral there somewhere, don't be so quick to consign things to the compost heap. Hope you enjoyed your psb.