Tuesday, 6 April 2010

A fruitful day

At last we got something done at the plot!
 We planted two gooseberry bushes that had been neglected all winter in two small pots - I've no idea how they survived but they have leaves so deserved a chance. Planted 5 Autumn Bliss raspberry canes. I love raspberries and I'm hoping these will fruit this year.
Planted the potatoes, Premier, International Kidney and Pink Fir Apple. We had two Int Kid left over so I will put those in the recently vacated dustbin at the bottom of the garden. The boys had had enough after that lot so carrots were postponed until next time (carrots are always my nemisis). Just as I popped the tools back into the shed I noticed there was a bit of rhubarb worth having. So we had 5 sticks for tea with "puffy pancakes". All in all a fruitful day. (For the pedants I know rhubarb is a vegetable - but that doesn't fit with the title...)


  1. I am usually a 'pedant'...but I'm going to totally give you this one after some of the awful titles I have come up with for my posts..lol. And it sounds like you're getting on well. I am hoping to get some major time in down the lot this weekend...just hope the weather obliges!!

  2. The rhubarb puffy pancakes sound delish. My rhubarb is in it's second year now, so I'll take a few sticks for a crumble when it's ready.

  3. Now THAT was a bloomin' brilliant day!!! I've had to eat rhurbarb pie a lot recently - for experimental purposes of course. Our plants are looking good this year, one is just about old enough to steal a few stems - exciting.

  4. sounds like a great day, looking forward to rhubarb soon.