Saturday 8 May 2010


I took the day off work on Wednesday, put YS in nursery took OS to school and got set for a full day at the plot. so did I get everything done?
I got my hair cut at the girl barbers, it seemed too good an oppurtunity to miss and then as I was in town I had a look round and one thing led to another but not to the plot.
I finally spent a measly hour weeding the new seeds.
So many good intentions.
I had a lovely day off but wish I didn't feel so much guilt!


  1. I'm exactly the same. I start off with good intentions which go by the wayside and then I feel guilty about it. I bet you had a great day though.

  2. Oh don't feel guilty...I have had a few days this week where I could have gone to the plot but just had other stuff I wanted to get done.....I feel that at times I need to take that break from the plot so that I still enjoy what I do and it doesn't become an unwanted chore!!