Friday, 14 May 2010

The benefits of being a slacker

I hate to boast but...
There was very little frost damage on my plot. 
This was beacause:

1.Nothing has been planted out yet.
2.I had forgotten to undo the greenhouse and therfore didn't forget to do it up.
3.The most tender plants have not yet progressed from the conservatory.
4.Beans don't get planted until May 10th (it is the law in my family).
5.I didn't earth up all the potatoes - but the ones I hadn't done I had absentmindely parked the grass clipping pile on  - (the compost is full up) thus saving them from damage.

So it appears there might be method in my madness after all.
In other news - I might be able to finish my winter digging this weekend (winter 2009). There again, maybe not.


  1. I think that for a slacker you are very wise and there is definitely a place in the allotment world for your methods. When you do finally get your plants in they wont be frost damaged and will be raring to go. Loads of people on our allotment site have lost plants due to being put out too soon, and not being covered. I love the fact you covered your potatoes haphazardly with the grass cuttings and saved them being got at by the frost that's so funny !

  2. it does kind of make all that slacking matter how hard you found it to be!!!

  3. lol I've been thinking very similar thoughts. I know generally being late starting isn't great but I didn have a small smile to myself when my Dad was moaning how his early spuds had taken a hit in the frost... ;)

  4. Sounds like you've got it right!

  5. Yay!! Anyways, very very late spring/early summer this year. Stuff in my garden that's normally in full bloom in May is only just getting going now. We can all be a little slackerish this year.

  6. Good skills. i like your style