Monday, 31 May 2010


A while ago I read this post on nipitinthebud's blog. The photo montage captured my imagination and I wanted to do my own and so many moons later here it is. It holds the answers to the questions:

1. my name
2. my year of birth
3. siblings?
4. my birthplace
5. favorite food?
6. favourite drink?
7. shoe size?
8. favourite pudding?
9. trait valued in others?
10. favourite animal?
11. favourite book?
12. how I keep fit?
13. pets
14. favourite pastime?
15. one word to describe me
16. what I love most about life
Follow the instructions in the original post if you fancy a go - I really enjoyed it!


  1. yay you did it. I can see you enjoyed it and what a great result.
    we share a love of creme brulee and cats as well as gardening then ;o)
    The cat in the bottom corner is the most striking Poppet-a -like I'v eever come across - so much so I thought it was one of my photos at first.
    N x

  2. that's so cool!! well done you, it must have taken ages!!

  3. this is kind of cool...maybe i will give it a go sometime.