Friday 26 March 2010

The boys are back in town

We went to the allotment twice last weekend. Once on Saturday which was a short wet visit. Luckily we like mud and the washing machine is fully functioning. We went again on Sunday, and what a difference a day makes - look what the sun brought out - us in T-shirts!
We planted beetroot, spring onions and radish.  Manured the potato bed-to-be (watch this space) and adjusted the compost heaps. We also found a few interesting bugs.
This is a shield bug. I don't think it does much harm and it kept the small boys interested for a while.
What will this weekend bring? It feels like spring but the forecast is for sleet and a hard frost on Tuesday/ Wednesday so I'm debating whether to dust of the fleece. On the plus side I won't be able to see the weeds if the fleece is on and the frost should be OK. On the minus side putting the fleece on might mean tidying the shed. What to do...


  1. Our forecast is giving heavy snow for next week...Really not happy about that so I will keep my fingers crossed that the met office is wrong for all of us!!

  2. The weather's so unpredictable at the moment, from t-shirt weather to snow in the space of a week. Hope they've got it wrong like they usually do.

  3. Whatever you do have a lovely Easter. With luck we will have some fine weather to get back on the plot again. M x