Monday 8 March 2010

Slowly, slowly, catchey monkey

My OH (to be known for the remainder of this post as lovely husband LH) looked after the boys for an hour and a half on Sunday so I DID get something done.
Broad beans under the cloches, peas under the glass lean to radish planted between the sticks, onions under the netting and a bit of digging to boot. Still some way to go though. I'm sure I was much further on at this time last year. Will the winter digging be done before August, will the weeds ever be brought under control and will the boys ever want to come out into the cold again. All this and more to be answered in due course...


  1. It'll all come together very soon but does seems a lot later than last year. Reminds me I totally forgot to sow radish at the weekend, must get round to that!

  2. You're further on than I am. There's still nothing planted in my allotment, though I've got lots germinating on the windowsills. I've still got my winter digging to do too.

  3. last year was a lot warmer so everything could be started earlier so i don't think you have anything to worry about. I haven't even started on the plot yet although I know my neighbour has been down a few times I don't feel the tiniest bit guilty. I have stuff to do in due course...but not just yet!!

  4. Wow, well done you superwoman!!

    Thanks for the good vibes yesterday it meant loads and I really needed those little boosts my fab followers gave me. Hugs xx