Saturday 6 March 2010

I've bean planting

We went to the allotment yesterday YS and I. It was a lovely afternoon and my companion was very enthusiastic (it always helps). It was two hours until OS finished school so I had a chance to get  lots done.

First the broad beans. now beginning to get a bit leggy it was high time they were planted out. So we set to. My companion began to mutter about being cold and wanting to go and see grandma. I jollied him along but the mutterings turned into moans, so I increased my pace. Two full rows of broad beans were planted out in twenty minutes and that was it. Time up. Grandma was lovely, as always, and the tea and cake was very welcome but I NEED TO GET THINGS DONE! Grrrrrr!

So no photo either...


  1. At least you managed to make a start, that's the main thing. There still isn't anything planted out at my allotment, but I have done lots of sowing today for the windowsills.

  2. Hmmm, I have a few leggy broad beans at home too but have sown some direct at the plot aswell.

    Last year I sowed little gem lettuce in between the rows of beans which seemed to work well...the lettuces liked the shade.

    Cake sounds good!

  3. Yep, I know what that's like. A surprise flask of hot choc and some biscuits could help entertain while you get on with things.
    At least you did a bit.