Friday 15 July 2011

techno torment

Haven't been posting so much this year but am experiencing the usual gluts:

Raspberries - 24lb of jam and fresh ones given away to relatives and people in the village.

Broad beans - the children are rebelling - I am freezing bagfulls to surprise them with later - oh and there are another two rows not ready yet as I did successional sowing.

Lettuce - another crop to be distibuted widely.

Sweet peas - make good gifts for teachers and grandma/nanny/aunty

Courgettes - and this is just the first week of that bounty.

The techno torment? Well currently no camera and no internet connection. If I'd wanted a job in IT...


  1. Technology eh? That's allot of jam!!

  2. Wow, that is indeed a lot of jam! I wish our rather rubbish raspberries in the back garden were half as good...

  3. Oh dear....well gluts aren't a bad thing...but no camera and internet is sheer thoughts are with you and I hope it gets sorted soon.