Tuesday 26 July 2011

Pooh! Is that you?

We made some stink food.
You know the stuff - stinging nettles ferment in water for weeks, small boys pee in it when they are caught short at the allotment, the odd beetle and raspberry drop in it on passing and it really stinks?
We use it to feed the pumpkin growing in the compost heap.
Tonight I spilt it down my leg. I smell. I smell bad. I have bathed. I have rubbed in body cream. I have showered and soaped and still I smell. OH will be home later - hopefully his cold will not have improved...
YS's current favourite book seemed appropriate.


  1. I've had a similar accident - its not very nice but it seems to have brought you luck as you have won the Plot 52 spot the Golf Ball Competition. See latest post for your trophy illustration - congratulations!!!

  2. Oh lol.....this one brought a HUGE grin to my face....don't worry...it will soon wear off!!