Sunday, 14 June 2009

Sweet Peas

Well I do grow the flowers, but we have just harvested the first lot of peas for this year. I sent OS on a treasure hunt amongst the weedy pea vines. I would have photographed the harvest but we didn't manage to get them home. I suggested to the boys that they might like to try one freshly picked and that was the end of the peas! It was a revalation to them, at first YS refused to try them "don't they need cooking?" and then there were fights, "Mum he's not sharing!".
So I'll count that a sucess then.

Minimal posting this week as YS has been poorly. Now on the mend (see mention of fighting above)hurrah!


  1. I'm sorry to hear that YS has been poorly. Pleased to hear that he's on the mend now.
    I'm with the boys, I love freshly picked uncooked peas.

  2. Peas are fab, our aren't really yet but we have been eating Broad Beans! Yummy, I love them pulled straight off the plant and into my mouth. Allotmenteering rocks. x

  3. Luck you having peas ready to eat, my pods are still a little flat and need to bulk out a bit yet. I'm glad that VS is on the mend. You never learn do you ? first your rhubarb and now your peas !! you should never have shared the fact that they can be eaten raw ! you'll never get any to yourself now.

  4. Ha, but I nipped up to the plot after they went to bed tonight. Radish and carrot thinnings + a few more peas made a lovely snack with our evening snifter. And yes allomenteering really does rock!