Friday, 20 November 2009

The curious incident of the lost boot in the nightime

We didn't go to the allotment until after school today as the weather has been so foul. So by the time we got there it was a case of harvest as much as you can carry and get home again. Some of the parsnips were holding on for dear life it seems so it all took rather longer than I thought.

Which leads me to the question: if OS runs quickly down the path in the twilight and his boot flies off - how long does it take to locate it and retrieve it fronm a patch of nettles?
The answer was quite a long time. We had to visit Grandma for a fish and chip supper to get over the excitement. No washing up. Result!


  1. not a bad day all round then! Harvest, excitment of the search, chips. Nice

  2. isn't it amazing how hard it is to find a boot....we have had this problem at can be fun

  3. Ha ha! Nice post-title - inspired by a great book!

    I left my umbrella at the plot last night and expected to find it caught up in the brambles after strong winds overnight. Amazingly it was in the same place I left it...phew!

    Glad your parsnips have turned out well. I had a fight with one nearly won but I pulled it out whole in the end.

  4. Please please take that slug off your site. It's too upsetting!

  5. Hmmmm, they'll be flinging them off their feet in future if they get a fish and chip supper out of it.