Sunday 6 December 2009

Christmas lights

The next few weeks seem to be a whirl of parties here, discos there, concerts both here and there, and of course none of them are for me.
I was hoping to get to the plot this weekend but the weather has been so wet I thought I'd do more harm than good.
Yesterday I went to the garden centre to buy some prepared hyacinths for planting, and it was fully Christmassed up ( they even had a lifesized animated camel) so we came home and put up our tree. This morning football was cancelled so I just nipped up to the plot to pick some kale, parsnips, sprouts and chard (bright lights - get it?) and then took OS to the Beaver Chrismas party whilst YS and I went and put Grandma's tree up for her.  On the way home I had a brilliant idea, so we nipped into Leicester and looked at the Christmas lights there and had a lovely time. I really should have taken a camera.
It was nearly a no spend day but there was a little fair in the middle of town so the boys needed - apparently - to go on the spinning teacups. Ah well!
I feel all warm and Christmassy now.


  1. Yes, there's always lots of activities at this time of year for the kids. My daughter moved up to high school this year, so it's the first year that I haven't had a Christmas play to go and see at school, rather sad actually.

  2. I've been so bogged down I've even barely had time to look at the computer let alone go to the plot...I really must try this weekend!!!!!

  3. Hi, Hope you and the family had a great Christmas, I will follow your lead ( thanks for the comment and reminder on my blog) and get digging with my bean trench soon as well. I intend to sow my broad beans over the next couple of days. We had a brilliant Christmas but I am glad to get back to normality. Bring on the New Year and let's get sowing again.