Tuesday, 29 March 2011

I'm late! I'm late!

I booked an appointment in at work yesterday. "See you next week then - that's the 6th April".
6th April next week? How did that happen?

We haven't made many visits to the allotment this year in fact when we visited two weeks ago it looked like this,

Oh dear!
We cleared a bit

but didn't make much of an impression.
So as I had a day off today I thought I 'd better get the season under way.  
I dug and planted and composted and emptied compost (it was lovely stuff!) and dug some more. I had done some gardening so I had things to plant, chitted parsnips, beetroot plants, broad beans, garlic, onions, shallots and chitted potatoes. Oh and a yellow raspberry another blackcurrent and a thornless blackberry.
I also sowed seeds of radish and spinach. After that little lot it looked like this,

Still plenty of work to be done but at least I have made a start. The old boys enjoyed it enormously they kept coming over and admiring my soil - now they could see it.
I pulled some  rhubarb and dug some Jerusalem artichokes - hurrah for first harvests!
Then it was home for a cup of tea and a quick bath before getting the kids from school. A most satisfactory day.


  1. Well it sounds like you got plenty done in such a short time and the plot sure did clear up nice!!

    I have yet to get anything in the ground on my allotment so you are already ahead even though you were so late starting!!

  2. Well done you !! that's an amazing amount of work done in a day, you must be proud of yourself. It doesn't sound as though you are late to me with all that you have grown ready to plant.
    M x

  3. Well done :) It feels good to have had a proper plot session at last doesn't it. Otherwise it's all just 'what if's' in your head... :)