Sunday, 10 April 2011

I'll have a pea please!

Was very short of time (again) this weekend. It's a dilema, the garden is crying out for attention now! But so are the family, the housework, the olds, you get the picture...
So the sum total of my gardening achivements for the 4 days I have not been at work are:
  1. Installed Mum's new compost bin - more complicated than it sounds - a sorry tale involving a barrowload of twitch (couch grass) I hate that stuff.
  2. Mow both of Mum's lawns.
  3. Prune some of Mum's shrubs
  4. Fill Mum's new compost bin with a mix from old composter - now deceased in a fallen to bits and on pile to go to dump kind of way - prunings and grass clippings.
  5. Fill garden dustbin with twitch - ha! good riddance!
  6. Mow our lawn
  7. Install our new compost bin - much less complicated (thank goodness)
  8. Fill our new compost bin with kitchen waste and grass clippings
  9. Only then arrive at allotment for a scant 1 hour time slot - planted two rows of peas which were escaping their toilet roll root trainers.
  10. Picked some more rhubarb.
I need more time at the allotment. Please stay fine tommorrow amd no more family crisis so I can go after work tommorrow.  Pretty peas!


  1. I am hope the weather was kind for you..we have had a glorious weekend!!

  2. Hope the weather holds so you can get all those jobs done.

  3. You sound rushed off your feet ! I hope the weather was kind to you and that you managed to spend a while at the allotment. Take it easy !
    M x

  4. I hope the weather is kind for you, its been raining on and off here.