Wednesday 18 February 2009


Boiing! I think spring is on the way (get it?) - shhh! quietly now it's creeping up on us. I've got potatoes chitting, onions shooting, sweet peas sprouting and I'm going to plant some tomatoes this weekend. I'm so excited I might even remember to post some photos in the blog...

On the plot we planted the raspberries in the right place found a place for the currants and weeded the onion bed but it's still pretty wet out there. I'm hoping things will dry out a bit so I can get the shallots and garlic planted at home in modules into the soil. The boys made a big puddle and smashed the ice on the water butts with a spade. They then made a track for the rescue vehicle and played costguards. Another short visit though, it was still darned cold.

We seem to have a new neighbour on the weedy half plot next door. Which is good news except that in the back of my mind I'd decided I wanted to expand this year and had designs on it myself. Oh well.

Yippee the season starts here!
(I know it's too early to get excited - but I'm an exciteable kind of girl).

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  1. I'm a bit excited too! Can't believe that you are in the same boat as us regarding your neighbours. Ours haven't been there since July and we covet it, the Hubby even wrote to the council registering our interest. Fingers crossed.