Monday 23 February 2009

Wriggle out of that one!

We made a wormery this weekend.

OS wanted to have another pet as he wanted to get another badge at Beavers. (No!!! I hate sewing them on, but you have to encourage these things). We compromised on sticking with the cats we have, and getting worms (Mini had nits last week so all life is here!). I looked on the internet to see how much a wormery would cost. OMG! the best part of £100. So we made one, it's more of a worm youth hostel than a five star worm hotel but hey we'll feed them and love them - as much as you can love a worm, and Grandma has agreed they can visit her when we go on holiday.
Apparently we can look forward to worm tea, which makes a good fertiliser diluted 1:10. Also the worms will increase our composting capacity. Total cost(including worms) <£15 but I'm sure we could do it cheaper next time... We loosely followed the instructions here We have chicken patrol on duty to make sure that the lid is kept in place so as to make sure that the girls from next door dont't eat them. They usually pass by to check out the compost buckets on the way to (hopefully) lay an egg behind the compost heap. We will follow the settling in process mentioned in Joy Larkcom's book, 'Grow Your Own Vegtables' - you do have a copy don't you? It's the only gardening book you will ever need - unless you like lots of colour pictures... Disclaimer I am not related to Joy Larkcom, nor are my fingers so green. I just hope they don't escape (the worms not Joy).

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  1. Fantastic - you did it all for less than £15! Bargain. I hope there's a badge for having a cool Mum and one for making 'worm tea'!