Sunday 1 March 2009

The plot Marches on

What a lovely weekend. OS had the school bear this weekend. You have to take it with you wherever you go. Barnaby has seen some allotment action I can tell you! I guess not many kids ask how to spell rhubarb forcing as part of their homework.

The boys were archeologists this weekend, the've dug a big trench where I was going to plant some early carrots. Their finds include stones, stones and er, stones. I will negotiate filling it in again on another visit. I'm planning to get them to excavate the compost heap next. I feel it will need sieving and the "spoil" tipping onto the potato bed - I thought I might slip a few artefacts in there for them to find.

Things are beginning to look quite green and I've planted some peas out in the legume section. I seem to have already run out of room in the miscellaneous bed and the brassica bed is looking fullish too. Which is a pity as I have at least 6 more trays of seeds in process and I haven't even started with the mini green house yet. I must persuade my Mum that flowers are overrated and do my own landshare...


  1. My hubby is an archeaologist! What joy there was on our plot when we found some flint tools, a piece of pottery and a horse shoe. Stones, are, er, important too!
    What a lucky bear, sitting there in the sunshine.

  2. That's such a sweet story. Lovely boys and a lovely bear, much better than having to bring a Hamster home from school. Although of course if a hamster died on you there's always a chance of getting an identical one, but what do you do if the bear goes missing ?

  3. And my hubby is a photographer who ocasionally works on archeological digs! Guess he will be mortified when he sees this photo though - too much flare.