Monday 16 March 2009

tattie bye

Will I ever run out of bad puns?
We took the plunge this weekend and planted the early potatoes. I plant quite a lot (eight rows or one whole bed, we have five beds in total) but I find there is still time to plant a second crop later in the year. This year I have gone for Swift and Rocket, not that I'm a girl in a hurry or anything. We also have one dustbin of Charlotte at home and one dustbin of Pink Fir Apple at Grandma's house. We said goodbye to them and tucked them up with some well rotted manure and garden compost. I hope I don't live to regret getting them in so early but I got all excited (again) by the lovely weather.

The boys extended their hole and trampled all over my strawberries. We had fun.

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  1. We're planting our Main crop Maris Piper potatoes tomorrow (St. Paddy's Day tradition)! Please, no, don't ever run out of puns and I'm sure that hole is getting to quite a size, hehe