Monday 23 March 2009

More brassica disaster!

I put the seedlings out in the garden on Saturday to harden off. The chickens ate all the brussel sprouts, plus two sweet peas and some onions/leeks. (not sure which as they seem to have pulled out all the labels as an appetiser...)

It's not straight forward this gardening milarkie is it?


  1. Ah, but at least we can eat the chickens as revenge!!!

  2. You are so right! In fact...(distant alarmed clucking noise)...

  3. How very rude!!!! What happened to chickens helping your veg by keeping all the baddies away from them? Thats how it works in the books!! Poo I was thinking of getting them as ducks are useless as well.

    Poor you,

    Linzi x x x