Saturday 21 March 2009

A riddle

Q. What do you need to keep a small boy happy on an allotment? A. A riddle. So here is a riddle and a happy ys who likes getting his hands dirty. And his face judging by this picture.


  1. What a cutie. I love to see children enjoy the soil and planting. You are giving your children a good grounding for a future hobby, plus of course training them to be lottie assistants, nice move ! do they plant things themselves ?

  2. How lovely that the kids are there actually smiling and enjoying it!!! My nephew's either bash and destroy or sulk until they can go back to the playstation!!!

    Really nice blog - hope you don't mind me following for tips!!

  3. All are welcome. Not sure about tips though. If it grows well it's a weed, if it grows really well it's definitely a weed. Will that do?