Monday 2 March 2009

A place in the sun

It was a beautiful day yesterday I thought you might like to see the whole plot. As you can see there's not much of it but we do pack a lot in. Anything that looks like a weed is either:

1) ryegrass sown as green manure

2) a grass path or

3) a weed. Glad we got that sorted. Don't make the picture any larger else you will see that 3) is a popular category.
Highlights of the tour include the shed, compost corner and the water butts. We have a tree house in the summer but we have taken it down until any March gales are past. We also put a table out under the tree in the summer so we can picnic in the shade, I realise eating next to the compost bin might not catch on with everyone but if the compost is working well it doesn't normally smell. If it does we move.


  1. Hi There, I am back from my week-end away and thought I would look in on everyone's blogs. Your plot looks good and I love your tree. I bet it's really relaxing sitting under it in the summer, and your right the compost bin doesn't smell.

  2. ah, i love the smell of free black gold anytime. can't believe you have a tree house that is so cool, very jealous - your kids don't know how utterly fab they are i bet, an allotment is cool enough!!