Friday 20 March 2009

Small harvest

Well I moved the cloche from the winter carrots.I wanted to take them up to plant my second sowing of broad beans. Now I'm hopeless at growing carrots for some reason but my overwintered carrots excelled. From a 2.5 metre row I got 2 carrots which I very carefull divided into 4 portions. We all declared them the best carrots we had ever tasted but since we had such a small taste we couldn't be sure. One is waiting for the chop in the photo. A perfectly good (if small) carrot. It just needed a few more friends. It was a small harvest.


  1. Your own friut and veg always taste like the best food ever! Andrew and I only got 1 gooseberry last year and we shared it!! We also broke and shared each raspberry (5 of them) as they ripened, hehe.

  2. That little taster will probably spur you on now to get a bigger and better harvest. Don't forget to grow lots of marigolds between the rows to baffle the carrot fly. best of luck with the next harvest. bye the way my turnips are sprouting, thanks for the info on your blog.