Wednesday 27 May 2009

Didn't we have a lovely time...

This is the kind of thing we like to do in an hour at the allotment, YS digs holes - isn't there a soil test that goes something like this? I've no idea how long the hole took to empty though as it kept getting refilled. Whilst he was busy, I planted a 2 sisters bed (the beans will go elsewhere) and checked out the broad beans. The 2 sisters bed looks as if it is surrounded by weeds, tragically it is. We also had a harvest! 2 cauliflowers grown by me from plugs, 12 radish grown by os a few of the larger broad beans grown by me and the ever present rhubarb from the previous plotholder although nurtured by me since. Of course I forgot to photograph my harvest box and now it has all been eaten so you'll just have to trust me.


  1. I trust you, hope it was all yummy! It looks like YS could well be a budding field archaeologist like my hubby was- digging holes a lot; well he's a natural, hehe.

  2. I'm doing a two sisters bed too. I haven't grown sweetcorn and squash together before so it's a bit of an experiment for me.

  3. I hope your shared the rhubarb this time !!