Friday 14 August 2009

Allotment essentials

I've got my gardening mojo back. After the disappointment of the tomatoes I was a bit less enthused than normal but now we are back to twice weekly allotment visits. Last night in the bath (sorry for putting that image into your mind) I was pondering what my allotment essentials are.
I came up with this top 5 list:
1. A stainless steel border fork, just the right weight for me and I can do most jobs with it - it is far and away my most used tool.
2. Grow your own vegetables by Joy Larkcom. My essential no nonsense reference book. I stopped buying books not long after this one because I didn't need any more.
3. My trusty knife. Working overtime on the courgettes today.
4. Muscle if required. OH is very patient with me. I am a slightly obsessive gardener, apparently it's not normal to read 6 month old gardening magazines in bed.
5. My gardening companions (see above) I wouldn't be without them - although I'd definitely be more productive! Photo taken as we gathered bits for bithday lunch for OS who requested "allotment rice". I'm off to get the party started, but in the meantme do you have any gardening essentials?


  1. Isn't it great to get your enthusiasm back after a bit of a downer on the gardening/allotment front. I know it is because it happens to me every so often.
    I think my essentials are:
    1) my late fathers trusty old spade and fork.
    2) 'Grow your own' magazine for monthly inspiration.
    3) My bigger shed, for having a cuppa in when it's cold outside.
    I'm sure there is more but I can't think off hand.
    I think your little helpers are so cute. I hope you all had a lovely birthday party. x

  2. loving your blog...i will come back and see how your allotment is going!!

  3. I keep hearing people mention the Joy Larkcom book. I think I will put it on my birthday list.
    My plot essentials are very similar to yours. I couldn't do without my border fork, I treated myself to it (along with other tools) when I got the lottie, and I use it for most jobs. I also couldn't do without my hubby's muscle!

  4. Hi all thanks for reading. Hope your gardens are growing well.