Wednesday 5 August 2009

Nothing but blue skies

Here's a shot of me not weeding on Sunday. Look at the beautiful blue sky! It certainly made a change from the weather on Saturday when we were forced to go and visit the fish at the garden centre (one of our favourite wet day things to do) and there just happened to be a half price seed sale.

Disaster! I now have even more planting to do which will mean less time for weeding. So I now have melon flavoured turnip(?) and two sorts of radish to look forward to as until the PSB gets too big I may as well under plant, and another two varieties of french bean (but I think I'll save those for next year). The boys found some things to spend pocket money on so it was a case of "rain, rain, go away, you've cost me too much money today". Now my Mum tells me that Wilkinsons have got a sale too...

I've decided weeding is overrated. Just look at the sweetpeas, and I've not weeded them.


  1. Ah, the deadly rain=shopping problem! I too am a sufferer. But hey, it was a sale, you'd be getting stuff anywau, right?? Plus its all good healthy food, so no shame!

    I also think weeding is over rated. Only do it when you literally can not cope anymore and are wondering where all those veggies are you planted xx

  2. You've given me a wonderful idea, thank you. I have two rows of broccoli and they are growing well. I think I will underplant with a quick, late catch crop of dwarf beans.

  3. I only have a small half plot, cramming them in and underplanting is the way forward here!

    The weeding has improved as we dug up the rest of the tatties today thus clearing one of the five beds in one go.