Tuesday 18 August 2009

Firming in

I emptied the big compost bin onto the main bed for winter brassicas. This is OS helping me to "firm" the soil prior to planting. Well I guess that's one way to do it...

On the harvest front I'm still eating courgettes and beans most days, the next wave of lettuce is not quite ready and there is a cucumber on my plant I seem to have rescued from whatever it had. It still looks distinctly under the weather but has grown two more cucumbers so I'm not complaining. You know what they say - don't judge a plant by it's leaves - or something like that.


  1. glad your cucumbers are recovering...I nearly killed my seedlings by forgetting to water them (oops!) but they recovered nicely and are now producing lots for me!!

  2. Great photo! We're still eating beans all the time too, but can't complain.

  3. Sorry that this is probably not the best place for these but I couldn't find a contact address.

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  4. Great way to firm the soil.
    I'm still getting some dwarf French beans, and my runners have just started producing. There's loads of beans on the plants, so it looks like they'll be coming for a while now. They must have enjoyed all this rain we've had.