Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Bean at the plot

School holidays, holidays, w*rk and family have all combined to make the visits to the plot less frequent than ever this month. Tonight, after returning from the annual bank holiday camping trip we all mucked in to try to get some winter crops in the ground and see what there was to harvest.
The harvest was beans, beans and beans (oh and courgettes) and then some more beans. So now I am of to chop blanch and freeze, leave carrier bags for the neighbour, Mum and Aunty and work out how much of the remainder I can realistically get through and how much needs to be gifted.

We did manage to plant leeks and winter caulis and a few sprouting broc plants but I need to do some land clearance before we can finish the rest of the winter planting. I am trying enviromesh this year in an attempt to foil the butterflies/pigeons/ everything else that made last years brassicas a near write off - the cost made my eyes water but I'm hoping it will last for several years (it had better!).

Soon YS will be off to school and I may be able to sneak an extra lottie session in each week which should make next season a lot more comfortable/ productive/ planned but the best laid plans... We shall see and in the meantime we shall eat beans.


  1. There's always something which you get a glut of, it's usually beans with me too but I don't mind, it's better than having none at all.

  2. I love my kids being off but I am now looking forward to school starting back so I can get a bit more work done too. I haven't got any winter veggies in and i fear now it is too late to but plants for winter veggies :-(

  3. You wont regret the cost of the enviromesh as it really does work, but don't do as I did this year ! and that was leave it too late to get the enviromesh on ( I had other mesh in place but holes were too big)consequently cabbage white had laid their eggs on my purple sprouting broccoli and brussel sprouts. I am now having to deal with getting the caterpillars off them.

  4. hahaha, it's the same all over the lottie world; beans, beans, beans :)

  5. Getting the leeks and caulis in for winter sounds good. I'm currently wondering whether there's any winter crops I can put out on the windowsill...