Sunday 1 August 2010


Today we had courgettes for lunch.
Today we had courgettes for tea.
Today we had courgettes for pudding too.

I guess the courgette season is here?

Lunch : Pasta with ribbons of courgette fried in olive oil with a cream sauce, chilli flakes and black pepper. Served with a green salad, smoked salmon and a wedge of lemon.
Pudding: Chocolate courgette cake, raspberries, cream.
Tea BBQ sausages, courgette marinated in olive oil and a little lemon, salad, potatoes. And ketchup.
Pudding BBQ chocolate bananas, toasted marshmallows.

Today I am liking courgettes.

(camera is broken again - but I guess by this point in the season you all know what a courgette looks like...)


  1. I wonder why slugs don't like courgettes?

  2. And why do we ALL grow too many courgette plants?
    I have no idea? Is it just I/we cannot bear to compost healthy plants which I/we have not sold or given away, so we "give them a chance?"

    Anyway, am dehydrating, freezing, chutneying and making muffins and cake out of ours as well as YES eating them with every damn meal!

  3. Help! I've been on holiday and now have courgettes so large they are marrows... any suggestions? I reckon chutney them will be the kindest thing. Any other recipes tho? I like the sound of your pasta with salmon.. mmmm I'm hungry already and it's only 10 am!

  4. They all sound like mighty tasty courgette recipes though! If you can use a vegetable in so many different ways you don't realise that it's the same thing you're eating day in, day out. Have you got Red Velvet, Chocolate Heartache? An excellent recipe book stuffed full of oodles of vegetable cakes, cookies and muffins!

  5. long before you really dislike courgettes?!?!?!