Sunday 19 April 2009

Gardening conundrum number 1 (of many)

Why is it that the things I want to grow (like carrots) don't, but the things I don't want to grow (like Jerusalem artichoke)do?

I spent over an hour weeding last years Jerusalem artichoke bed and found a carrier bag full I'd missed. Luckily the plot neighbours wanted to give them a try - so I am the spreader of goodwill. I'm sure I will still have lots of artichokes this year too - I can't seem to get rid of the blighters (but I didn't tell them that).


  1. Great blog! I'm loving reading about your boys' antics.

    Weeds are the only thing growing on my allotment at the moment. I've only had it a month so I'm desperately weeding and digging trying to get it cleared so that I can get something worthwhile growing instead of all the weeds!

  2. Thanks! A new lottie, how exciting. Go for the clear a bit plant it, clear a bit plant it method and stick some cardboard over a bit too and come back to it later. You've got time to get loads done - long live your enthusiasm!.