Tuesday 7 April 2009

Knowing your onions

I seem to have gone overboard with the allium family this year (amongst other things...) but they all seem to be growing well. I'm already starting to think along the lines of second crops as I'm rapidly running out of room but I guess the onions will be here until at least midsummer, when they will become roasted onion tart with salad eaten under the tree close to where they are currently growing. The food miles will be 1.7 and that will include taking them home to cook. Of course others will be cooked on site when we crank up the BBQ they wont even register on the food mileometer. I've made myself hungry now...


  1. Wow your onions look great! are they from seed or sets ? I grew from sets last year, but have sown seeds of Red Italian and white Ailsa Craig and Bedfordshire Champion this year, they are almost ready to plant out, but like you I have overdone it. I have about 100 or so growing.

  2. These are over wintered sets - I still have seed + leeks to go out. Damn those people who have moved in next door my plan for allotment domination was foiled!